The valley is a scar, this world is proud of the battles it has fought, the scars prove its prowess.

Once the World was attacked and strangled by a Great Snake. His curls twisted and looped round the worlds body enclosing it in a murderous grip. Great Snake thought that he could crush out the worlds breath and devour it. But the World was patient it feigned death, went grey and limp.

Over confident Great Snake opened his grinning mouth so wide his jaw cracked, he loosened his grip to swallow, in that moment the world flashed out its tongue it snapped, cracked and pulled out the great snakes teeth leaving only a few behind

The snake wailed in pain and fear and escaped in a trail of spit and blood. As it escaped his sharp tail whipped against the worlds side and cut a long deep scar.

Some say that the snake bathed its wounded mouth in a black lake where the waters mingled with blood, pain and anger to become a powerful venom that dripped from its remaining teeth. 

There are men, there are women, there are young, there are old, they are Kaplumbaga a lone titan autochthon of this scar unable, unwilling to leave